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Greek Revival - 

Each year, The Bayfield Inn showcases the works of Austin-Miller Studios.  Francie Austin-Miller takes a group of artists on an artist journey.  The workshop brought the artists to Crete, Greece this year.  The workshop was full of light, color, creativity, and companionship.  The journeys have long lasting effects as new friendships sprout and the group bonds.  Two weeks of living and creating art on location has profoundly changed the artists' visual perception.

Good natured, curious and hard working, our group of six worked with passion!  They turned their artist eyes to the essence of Crete, portraying its people, culture, flora and fauna. Individual styles arose to meet the deep mythology of the Island.  The works on display throughout the season at The Bayfield Inn are filled with shape, color, texture, pattern, and depth.



Admission is free and many of the works are available for purchase.

Exhibit hangs throughout the season, and may be viewed during business hours.

Additional original art is available for purchase direct from Austin-Miller Studio.  Visit their website at