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Crete Mystique - υποδοχή! (Welcome!)

Good natured, curious and hard working, our group of ten painted with a passion!  We turned our artist eyes to the essence of Crete, portraying its people, culture, flora and fauna. Individual styles arose to meet the deep mythology of the Island.

Crete is a painters’ paradise.  During our stay in April, the White Mountains are heavily snowcapped, the citrus and olive groves in full flower, and the seas are turquoise infused aquamarines. The ever present fragrance of herbs and citrus offer the best aroma therapy a plein air painter will experience in a lifetime.

The Cretans are the real capper and the main reason Michele and I keep going back to paint. Genuine, intuitive, in possession of great warmth and humor, our friends in Crete are tantamount to the success of our workshops. The word philoxenia, meaning: the love of strangers, is as old (4600 years) as their culture.   It is a word the people of Crete embrace.

Exhibit hangs throughout the season, and may be viewed during business hours.

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